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M7 MAVIX Gaming Chair White on Black

M7 MAVIX Gaming Chair White on Black

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Mavix was created for gamers looking for a better solution than the traditional race car seat gaming chair. Developed by a partnership combining a team with over twenty years of experience designing ergonomic office chairs and a group of endemic gamers, Mavix has carefully crafted an ergonomic gaming solution that breaks the mold of previous gaming chairs.

No matter how ergonomic, office chairs are missing key features – like deep recline, cooling technology and locking wheels that are important in a high quality gaming chair. Over the past 12-18 months, the Mavix team developed new chair controls and seating surfaces, and worked on a clean and futuristic look to create the world’s finest highly-ergonomic gaming chair company – Mavix was born.


Dynamic Variable Lumbar

Uber soft and incredibly strong, the M-Breeze fabric on the M7 DVL provides next level comfort, breathability, and support where you need it most.


Deep Recline Responsive Support Mechanism

One of the most important features on the M7 is the Deep Recline Responsive Support Mechanism. The ability to recline the back independently of the seat ensures that you will achieve maximum support & comfort simultaneously


4-Dimensional Armrests

No one keeps their arms in the same position all day. Mavix is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.


Adjustable Head & Neck Support

Have you ever been uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours without head & neck support? Not with MAVIX. All MAVIX Models come with an adjustable head & neck support because good ergonomic principles don’t end at your shoulders.


MAVIX Mesh & M-Breeze

MAVIX Mesh is smooth and comfortable and is tested to be set at the perfect tension to provide support and comfort. The M-Breeze DVL & Head and Neck rest are impossibly soft to the touch.


Adjustable Backrest Height

Adjust the M7's backrest height so that you're fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This ensures you get maximum support where you need it most.


MAVIX’s 12-year warranty is the best in the gaming chair business. Every MAVIX chair is individually quality control tested. All models are made with Class 4 heavy-duty gas cylinders that will stand up to the most formidable and long-playing users. All of our materials – our mesh, foams, plastics, metals, and mechanisms – are of the highest quality, and designed to stand the test of time.

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