Design Services at TVOI

  • Space Planning & Office Efficiency

    Our expert interior design team assesses your space to ensure your workplace is comfortable, organized, and productive. We start this process with a site visit to your location to see the space and better understand how your teams work. We then analyze how your current plan is working and identify opportunities for improvement. Some things that we consider during this process include:

    ▶ Will all employees require a dedicated workstation, or will there be shared spaces like in a coworking environment?

    ▶ Do you require enclosed offices for privacy, open offices for collaboration, or a combination of the two?

    ▶What types of furniture are conducive to how your business operates — large conference tables, high-top touch-down spaces, or should we leave room for a foosball table?

    TVOI interior designers guide you through the design process and begin by specifically identifying how you can have an office that works for you.

  • Interior Design

    We know that selecting new furnishings can be overwhelming — with many manufacturers, finishes, and products. Our team provides comprehensive design solutions to ensure the process of identifying your furniture pieces is streamlined. Because TVOI has in-depth knowledge of all major furniture manufacturers, our designers present you with specific recommended solutions that satisfy your needs and optimize your space. Your company, your brand, and your employees are always considered when designing spaces and presenting the various options.

  • Delivery & Installation

    Because of our organized space planning and designing processes, TVOI minimizes the disruptions to your workflow during clean-out, delivery, and installation. We can work with you to determine when would be the best time to install your new office furniture — whether that is working around your in-office teams or accessing your space at times when it is closed.

    In addition to removing old furniture, delivering your new selections, and installing your new workspace items, TVOI can dispose of old furniture that is no longer needed. Our final step in all installations is to clean! We pride ourselves on ensuring that your teams can get back to work immediately following the installation.

  • Project Management

    TVOI works closely with all of our clients to ensure full-service design services are seamless. From the initial discussion regarding your needs to the analysis and design of your space, our team manages all aspects of your project and guides you through each of the phases. You never have to track orders, manage a calendar, or get in touch with anyone but your TVOI liaison. Our customer-centric approach to project management ensures your success!

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