ShopTVOI allows you to shop stylish, comfortable, commercial-grade furniture from the comfort and convenience of your computer.

Photo of an office with light wood flooring. In the left of the picture are several white desks pushed together, each with a desktop computer and rolling gray office chair. To the right is a blue pattered sofa and coffee table.

Since 2005, Tech Valley Office Interiors (TVOI) has partnered with companies to design comfortable and welcoming workplaces that inspire collaboration and productivity. Our team of experts based in New York’s Capital Region has helped organizations optimize their workplaces with affordable, durable, and commercial-grade products from several well-respected brands. TVOI offers new and pre-owned furniture, as well as full-service interior design, space planning, installation, moving services, and furniture removal.

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Office space with several white cafe tables and white chairs. Blue booth along the far side wall, opposite of a white chair. In the background there is a glass-enclosed meeting room.

Through ShopTVOI, consumers nationwide can access our diverse portfolio of new and pre-owned products.

You can furnish your business, organization, or home office with high-quality, affordable pieces that are not typically available in an online shopping environment. Many products offer free shipping options or the opportunity to pick up the pieces from the TVOI office based in Cohoes, New York. 

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