• Jackie O’Malley is in her sixth year as a Senior Interior Designer at Tech Valley Office Interiors. She joined the TVOI staff within days of completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Cazenovia College back in 2017.

    O’Malley leads the interior design team at TVOI where she assists clients in upgrading their spaces from start to finish with space planning, furniture specifications, and project management services. She also helps maintain an up-to-date materials library that is utilized by both independent designers/architects and the TVOI team.

    Prior to TVOI, O’Malley interned in the facilities department at the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. She currently serves on the board for the Albany City Center Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

    When O’Malley is not designing beautiful workspaces, she loves to read, go on walks with her dog, attend the occasional country music concert, and take weekend trips to visit with her family in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

    The best piece of advice she has ever been given: You don’t always have to know everything; you just need to know who to turn to when you don’t know the answer!