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Friant Zone Too Task Chair

Friant Zone Too Task Chair

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The Zone Too is a task chair designed to provide comfort and support for users of all shapes, sizes, and work styles. Featuring adjustable height, tilt, and backrest settings, this ergonomic chair allows users to find the perfect seating position for their individual needs. The adjustable armrests and sliding seat make it easy to adjust the chair to fit the user, while the backrest can be controlled with minimal effort. With its balanced design and customizable settings, it promotes straight posture and helps users stay in their zone too.


Class 3 Gas Lift

Smooth height adjustment to accommodate varying heights to have secure feet on the floor. It promotes straight posture and reduces strain by offering adjustable height, tilt, and backrest.


Find Your Angle

With 3 locking positions, 22º back tilt, and a 2” seat depth, it is easy to accommodate different sit styles and body types.

-height adjustable arms

-height adjustable back

-seat slide

-pneumatic cylinder and knee tilt

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